Dacy Nottingham Photography: Blog https://www.dacynottingham.com/blog en-us (C) Dacy Media [email protected] (Dacy Nottingham Photography) Wed, 09 Jun 2021 05:45:00 GMT Wed, 09 Jun 2021 05:45:00 GMT Star Wars Wedding https://www.dacynottingham.com/blog/2015/2/star-wars-wedding Growing up in the 1980's I was definitely a Star Wars fan.  I saw all the movies many times, collected the toys and knew all the trivia.  That being the case, it was a fun to see the photos and video from Jennifer & Joshua's wedding in Los Angeles.  What a fun wedding it must have been.  One of these days, I want to shoot a Star Wars themed wedding.  Any takers?

Cacá Santoro Photography
Cacá Santoro Photography

Cacá Santoro Photography

Cacá Santoro Photography
Cacá Santoro Photography

More photos and information about this wedding can be found here.



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Location ideas for your photo shoot https://www.dacynottingham.com/blog/2014/10/location-ideas-for-your-photo-shoot One of the most common questions I get is "Where is a good place for my on-location photo shoot?"  Luckily we live in an area with many different great locations to shoot.  

  1. At your home.  I've taken some great family photos at the home of my clients.  Shooting in the front yard with the family home as the backdrop brings a nice familiar feel to the photo.  Also, backyards often have places to shoot as well.
  2. At a park.  Most communities have a park nearby.  Finding a park with a lot of trees or bushes helps to eliminate buildings and/or cars in the background of your shots.  
  3. At the beach.  The beach is out of my "included" travel zone but I often travel to the beach for shots for a small extra cost.  Santa Monica pier is a great beach for fun photos on the pier.  Laguna Beach has some awesome spots for photos among the rocky tide pools.  
  4. In the mountains.  There are many great places for photos in the San Bernardino mountains.  Crestline & Lake Arrowhead areas have many beautiful locations.  There is a small extra cost for traveling up the mountain as well.  
  5. Downtown.  Shooting downtown amongst the buildings and traffic can add a dramatic element to your photos.  There are many classic old buildings to include in the background of your photos as well.

Use the map below to explore some of my personal favorite shoot locations. 


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How to dress for family photos https://www.dacynottingham.com/blog/2014/10/how-to-dress-for-family-photos
I recently read a cool article about how to dress for family photos.  The author Cheryl Lock suggested:

Keep Colors Simple: Avoid having everyone in different patterns and colors, as that could lead to a distracting look. Wear colors in the same range (darks, lights, pastels) and stick with solid or minimally patterned items.
Use the Location as a Guide: If you'll be shooting your family photo at a park, in the woods, or even in one room of your house, keep the backdrop in mind when you plan what your family will wear. For example, if you're heading to the woods, it could be cute for everyone to wear boots.
Keep the Kids Comfy: Taking family photos can be tiring, especially for little ones. So consider this: Is your 3-year-old more likely to sit still for an hour if she's in a soft cotton dress or in something more fancy and belted, with a stretchy fabric that scratches her? When it comes to kids, simple clothing is almost always better if you expect them to pay attention (and look good!) for long periods of time.
The same goes for hairstyles. Keep them simple and you're less likely to end up with kids who are messing with their hair.
Don't Go Too Matchy-Matchy: Although it might seem like a good idea to dress everyone in the family in the exact same outfit, keep in mind that doing so might erase some of the personality that makes family photos entertaining to look back on for years to come.
Skip the Trends: Even though your son loves his Transformers tee right now, if timeless is what you're going for, you might want something a little more classic for the photo.
I thought they were great suggestions.  You can read the full article in parents magazine.
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Preparing for a Photo Shoot https://www.dacynottingham.com/blog/2013/11/preparing-for-a-photo-shoot I am often asked by clients what they can do to prepare for their photo shoot.  While every tip might not apply to everybody, here are some general guidelines:

General Advice

Hair – If you’re getting a hair cut for your shoot, do so about two weeks beforehand, just in case it goes wrong – you just never know. For men, a fresh cut a couple of days before the shoot is fine.
Hair accessories – If you’re shooting outdoors, be ready to put your hair up and make it look nice in case of a windy day. Bring bobby pins, hair clips, headbands or any other favorite accessories.
Glasses - If folks wouldn’t recognize you without glasses, you want to wear glasses in your shoot – however, the glare on glasses can detract from your eyes in photos. You can have your lenses removed from your frames for your shoot (don’t worry, it’s what Hollywood does to avoid glare in movies), ask your eye doctor to loan you a pair of similar frames, or you can also visit an inexpensive company online like Zenni Optical and buy a suitable pair of duplicate frames on the cheap.
Red eyes – Visine is your friend. Getting a good night sleep helps too. 
Lips – You will probably wipe or lick your lips during your shoot, so bring fresh lip gloss or lipstick to do touch-up. Use lip balm for a few days in advance of your shoot to make your smoochers look their best.
Teeth – If you want to brighten your smile, start your treatments about two weeks before your shoot.
Breakouts – Start using African Black Bar Soap for a week in advance of your shoot to help reduce and limit pimples and blemishes. Equally important, don’t cake on a lot of make-up to try to hide blemishes – it’s almost always easier to Photoshop away pimples than to clean up overdone make-up. For fever blisters, avoid getting them in the first place, then use Abreva if one pops up anyway.
Make-up – A subtle application of make-up can really soften your skin and accent your facial features. But make sure you know what you’re doing, and make sure it matches your skin tone, or your face may look orange compared to the rest of your body.
Facial hair – Men, be freshly shaved with a new razor, shaving cream and a moisturizing after-shave lotion to avoid bumps and redness. Trim up your beard, sideburns, mustache or goatee, especially looking for wiry stray hairs. Ladies, even if you have some light facial hair (particularly around your lip or chin), indulge in a waxing in advance of your shoot – even barely-there light facial hair will be noticeable in your photos. Men and women both, pluck and clean up those eyebrows.

Moisturizer – Dry skin can really detract from a great photo shoot. Start moisturizing nightly a week in advance of your shoot. When you get out of the shower, dry off until lightly damp, and slather on moisturizer. Focus on your arms, shoulders, neck, face, hands, anywhere you’ll be exposed to the camera.  This includes your legs if you’re shooting in shorts or a skirt. 
Nails – A fresh coat of nail polish will make a world of difference in your photo shoot. Pick a neutral color that won’t distract in your shoot or clash with your outfits. Freshen the morning of the shoot, then be careful not to scuff it while prepping. [I see this most often with high school senior girls, to whom half-gone nail polish seems to be a popular fad.] Your photo shoot is a great excuse for a fresh manicure, but if you can’t go to the salon, make sure your nails look tidy and clean, including the cuticles.
Bloating – Ladies, avoid high salt and high fat foods for two to three days in advance of your shoot. Being bloated will sap your confidence and comfort in front of the camera.
Undergarments – Bra straps won’t do anything to help your outfit look its best. Be sure you bring a set of bras and strap-adjusting accessories to work with any outfit you want to shoot in to keep those straps well-hidden.
Sun burns and tan lines – If your shoot is booked for Saturday, don’t go to the beach on Friday. If you plan to tan before your shoot, do so at least a week beforehand and don’t get burned. Be mindful of clothing tan lines, sunglass tan lines, hat tan lines, etc.
Ironing - If you iron, iron the night before and then hang the clothes for your shoot. If you’re wearing something that wrinkles easily, don’t wear it in the car on the way to the shoot – just change at the location.
Shoes – Ladies, can’t go wrong in heels or wedges. Men, clean’em up! Dress shoes are best, but as with most things, let your momma or your wife decide.
Here are some specific suggestions for certain types of shoots:


Moisturize that belly!
Gather your props to bring along – ultrasound printout, alphabet blocks that spell your baby’s name, baby shoes, stuffed animals, flowers, whatever you’ve seen in other maternity photos that you like.
Wear whatever you feel comfortable and pretty in – long, flowy skirts, especially solids are nice.  Tube dresses are great for showing off your shape. Bring a pair of regular jeans, not the belly panel ones. A button-up shirt also makes it easy to transition into showing your belly.
Do bring your significant other! They’ll make a great prop for your photos, and greatly expand on the number of different photos you can make during your shoot. They should bring outfits that coordinate with what you’ll be wearing, or a dark long-sleeved shirt or sweater and dark pants. The focus should always be on you, your expressions, your emotions, your personality, your joy and your connection.


Dad – Have a fresh shave or trim, and use a new razor with shaving cream and a moisturizing after-shave lotion to limit bumps and redness. Make sure nails are clean and trimmed. Wash your hands. Clean up your shoes. Moisturize and scrub away flaky facial skin (see above General advice). When you wash your face, pay attention to eye boogers and sleep crusties. For wardrobe, go for jeans or pants, tucked polo or dress shirt with a belt, or go casual with just a T-shirt or untucked polo, button-up short sleeve, etc. In general, whatever your wife tells you to wear. Again you don’t have to perfectly match the rest of the family, just wear something that coordinates.
Mom – Women know what to wear, but in general, unless you are extremely thin you may want to wear something that covers your upper-arms. Long- or 3/4-sleeve tops are very flattering. If you wear jewelry, aim for subtlety, and be aware of it twisting or turning.
Kids – Same advice as above, but again, everything needn’t match, simply coordinate with the parents’ outfits. If Dad’s in a T-shirt, don’t put the kids in dress shirts – make it make sense.

High school seniors

The biggest tips for seniors are to have an even tan, don’t get sunburned, clean and freshly-paint those nails, and moisturize and scrub away dry skin.
Bring a variety of outfits – cap and gown, something casual, something stylish, ladies slip a dress in there to throw folks off, fellas try a formal look to impress. Wear what you think you look best in, but take the opportunity to also try a new look, just to surprise folks.
Bring props that recall your high school years – band instrument, sports gear like a volleyball or baseball bat, your beloved (or cursed) high school car, letter jacket, sunglasses. Most of all, rep your style, whatever that may be. Your senior photo should be unique to your life and personality.
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May/June Wedding Season https://www.dacynottingham.com/blog/2013/7/wedding-season It's been a great wedding season this year.  The May/June months are always the busiest of the year.  It's been fun getting to know so many brides and grooms.  

Wedding Season


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Congratulations to John and Jennie! https://www.dacynottingham.com/blog/2013/3/congratulations-to-john-and-jennie It's always great to shoot beautiful couples but when it's somebody you know it makes it that much more special.  Congratulations to John and Jennie on their wedding this past weekend.  

Santa Monica

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Riverside Police Officer Michael Crain's Funeral https://www.dacynottingham.com/blog/2013/2/riverside-police-officer-michael-crains-funeral Slain Riverside Police Officer Michael Crain's funeral was held in my neighborhood this week.  I stopped by and snapped some shots.  My prayers are with his family and friends.  

Riverside Fire

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Maternity Shoot https://www.dacynottingham.com/blog/2013/1/maternity-shoot I met Shelly and Robert a few years ago when I worked with them at their amazing wedding.  It was great fun working with them again this month as their family is about to get a little larger.  The Maternity shoot went really well.



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Merry Christmas! https://www.dacynottingham.com/blog/2012/12/merry-christmas I'd like to wish you a very Merry Christmas from my family to yours!  


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School Photos https://www.dacynottingham.com/blog/2012/10/school-photos The beginning of the school year is a great time for a student portrait session.  For the month of October, we are offering a buy one get one free On-Location sitting.  That means, if you and a friend can team up, get your photo session at the same time and pay half the price!  This works for the individual sessions or a family session!  Call us today if you would like to make an appointment.






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Jon & Sara https://www.dacynottingham.com/blog/2012/8/jon-sara I had a lot of fun last weekend shooting Jon & Sara's wedding.  They are an incredible couple and had their wedding at a gorgeous location with an awesome view of the area.  


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Rowdy & Sammie https://www.dacynottingham.com/blog/2012/6/rowdy-sammie I had the opportunity to meet and take photos for Rowdy and Sammie's Wedding this past weekend.  It was a fun shoot.  We got some great photos before they took off on a week-long cruise for their honeymoon.



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The Thunderbirds https://www.dacynottingham.com/blog/2012/5/the-thunderbirds  

Sitting comfortably in my home today I heard some low flying jets go by and it reminded me that March Air Reserve Base had a big airshow this weekend.  I jumped in my car and drove up the street and found a nice little spot on a dirt field.  
I missed most of the show but arrived in time to see the final act.  The Thunderbirds.  It was a great show!  I captured a few shots.  
The Thunderbirds
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I shot the mayor! ..or at least a candidate https://www.dacynottingham.com/blog/2012/4/i-shot-the-mayor-or-at-least-a-candidate One of the benefits of being a local Riverside photographer, is the opportunity to shoot community events & local Riversidians (Is that a word?).  This last Saturday I had the opportunity to shoot mayoral candidate for the city of Riverside, Rusty Bailey.  He is a 4th generation Riverside resident and a graduate of West Point with a Masters Degree from UCLA. How impressive is that? What a great shoot of him and his beautiful family.   I feel very fortunate to have learned more about him with this opportunity.  Don't forget to turn out for the vote on June 5, 2012.  For more information about the upcoming election click here.  


Bailey Family


Bailey Family

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Day at the Beach https://www.dacynottingham.com/blog/2012/3/day-at-the-beach I got to spend the day at the beach a couple weeks ago while taking photos of Emily and Jon.  They are engaged to be married.  There's nothing like walking on the beach on a warm morning.  

Emily and Jon

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Bringing out the Magic Tricks https://www.dacynottingham.com/blog/2012/3/magic-tricks Did a shoot this morning for a family with 5 kids.  One of the little girls just didn't want to pose for a photo.  After trying many other ways, I finally got her to pose by promising to show her a magic trick!  I always find ways to bring up my old profession.  :)  We ended up getting many fun photos.


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Rained Out https://www.dacynottingham.com/blog/2012/3/rained-out I had 3 shoots scheduled this past Saturday.  As Saturday got closer, I realized that the weather reports were going to be correct.  Tons of rain.  While we rescheduled 2 of the shoots, the last shoot we decided to move indoors.  The shoot went well.  It was a tad bit challenging for the youngest member of the family who always wanted to be sitting where her older sister was sitting, but it all worked out in the end just fine.


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Dacy Nottingham Photography Blog https://www.dacynottingham.com/blog/2012/3/dacy-nottingham-photography-blog I've decided to start blogging here on Dacy Nottingham Photography's Website.  The upside is that the site will have fresh content added on a regular basis.  The downside is I really don't like to write.  That's why I take pictures.  :)  A picture is worth a thousand words.  So, if I post a few pictures every once in a while, consider that I just posted a few thousand words.  Here's my first thousand:



Big Sur This is a photo I took in the Big Sur Area of the California Coast a few years back.  My buddy Ross and I waited at this spot for a long, long time watching all the colors change before I snapped this photo.  I love all the different colors that you can see.


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