Our albums feature a contemporary cover for a sleek and modern look with professional lustre prints mounted on .05" thick pages that have a 1mm micro-gutter on each spread. 

Customize your album with a variety of options

Our premium album is 10"x10" and comes included in our Silver and Gold packages. 

Here are additional options:

  • Upgrade album to 12x12 - $100
  • Upgrade album to 18x18 - $300
  • Add an additional 10x10 album - $500
  • Add an additional 8x8 album - $400
  • Add an additional 5x5 album - $300

Our standard album comes with 20 pages.

Additional pages are $20 each (Must add two at a time for a total of $40).



Choose one material to wrap the whole cover, or get creative and mix-and-match!

($15 for each additional cover material)



EcoskinEcoskin Cover Material

Genuine Leather
($50 extra for this option)









($25 extra for this option)


($25 extra for this option)




Album Premium Options



Personalize the front or inside cover of your album. Available for album sizes up to 12x12.

($15 per line of text)

Cover Imprinting

  • Custom Imprinting can be added to the back inside cover of any album, or the front outside cover of albums with Material Covers.
  • Due to the unique nature of these Materials, Ostrich, Tooled, and Halflinnen Materials cannot be Imprinted or Debossed.
  • Genuine Leathers, Cirque, EcoSuede, and Linen Materials can be Imprinted only.
  • Imprinting Colors include Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Copper, or Debossed (Italic Font Only).
  • Choose from Bold, Italic, or Script Font Styles.
  • Imprinting is available for $15 per line, with up to 3 lines of text on the Center and/or Lower Right front cover of the album.



Optional Moire Lining adds style to the inside covers of your album.
A vellum fly-page is also included for an elegant finishing touch.
($50 extra for this option)

Moire Lining




Optional Page Gilding adds a touch of elegance to your album. Available in 5 styles for Album sizes up to 12x12.
($50 extra for this option)
Note: Gilding requires prints to be UV coated.


We offer 2 styles of Boxes to protect and store your album.

(Standard is included, $50 extra for the Premium Album box option)




Single Cover or Photo Cover is included

Single Cover Material

Choose one of our 55 Cover Materials for a classic and refined look. Up to 3 lines of Custom Imprinting can optionally be added to the Center and/or Lower Right Front Cover of album sizes up to 12x12.

Photo Covers

Choose from a Lustre, Metallic, or Canvas Surface Photo Cover combined with the Spine Material of your choice. The back of the album can be a second Photo Cover or a second Cover Material.

Photo Cut-Out Cover
​​​​​​​($50 extra for this option)

Photo Cut-Out Covers feature a cameo window with your choice of photo in the center of the album cover. Choose up to three Cover Materials to wrap the cover: one for the Spine, one for the Front, and/or one for the Back of the album. Available for album sizes up to 12x12.

Maple Wood
​​​​​​​($75 extra for this option)

Images are printed directly on to 1/4" thick certified sustainable maple wood board for a natural looking print that is also eco-friendly. When you choose our Natural Finish, the crisp look of the wood grain appears through the light areas of the image. For a more vibrant look, choose our White Finish, and images will be printed with a white ink underlay. Albums are finished with your choice of 55 cover materials on the spine and back cover.

Metal Photo Cover
​​​​​​​($75 extra for this option - front only, $150 for front & back)

MetalPrint Photo Covers are made using a special process where dyes are infused directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. Because the image is infused into the metal and not on it, your cover will take in an almost magical luminescence. The back of the album can be a second MetalPrint or your choice of Cover Material.

Acrylic Photo Cover
​​​​​​​($75 extra for this option)

Our Face Mount Acrylic Photo Cover highlights your Album with an elegant design. The polished edge of the acrylic and the substantial feel of the cover give your Album a refined touch that is sure to create awe every time you show it off. The back and spine of the Album is your choice of one of our 55 Cover Materials.

Full Wrap Photo Covers
​​​​​​​($50 extra for this option)

Full Wrap Photo Covers feature your photo or artwork wrapped around the outside of the cover. Available with a Lustre, Metallic, or Canvas Surface, and Satin or Glossy Laminate.